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On Thursday 30 April, the Cambodian community in Victoria was honoured by the visit of H.E. Allison Burrows, the Australian Ambassador to Cambodia, to the Cambodian Association of Victoria in Springvale to provide the community with her mid-term briefing – a tradition that has been held by successive Australian Ambassadors to Cambodia.

Normally newly appointed Australian Ambassador to Cambodia would attend a pre-embarkation briefing with the Khmer community around Australia in a meet and greet session of getting to know the community and listen to their concerns on a wide range of issues and would then meet up with the community again at a “mid-term” briefing session to bring the community up to speed with current issues and /or issues that have been raised before.

I had the occasion to raise for the Ambassador’s attention the concern of the community for individuals who have no business, commercial background, experience, connection or network with the business world, parading as head of some so called chamber of commerce representing the Cambodian Australian business community attracting the attention of the powers that be in Phnom Penh.

The Ambassador advised that the Australian Government only recognizes and has dealings with the Australian Business Association of Cambodia (ABAC), which was established some 20 years ago, by Australian and Cambodian business community leaders with business dealings in Cambodia. ABAC is presently chaired by Mr Grant Knuckey, who is also the CEO of the ANZ Bank in Cambodia.

At a personal briefing Mr Knuckey gave me when I visited Phnom Penh in January 2014, he struck me as the most fitting business leader to take on this important role of connecting Cambodia and Australia in trade, investment and business relations.

A media report on Mr Knuckey can be found at:

The Ambassador cautioned the business community in Australia to only deal with ABAC.

As a Cambodian born citizen, I urge Cambodian Australians to watch out for local self-promoted snake oil merchants with promises of quick money in Cambodia.

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