Posted on 28. May, 2014 in News

Victoria Police crime statistics confirm crime has risen each and every year under Denis Napthine and the Liberals.

The Napthine Liberal Government is doing nothing about the real causes of crime and Denis Napthine and the Liberals are making it harder for police to do their job.

The Napthine Government’s so-called ‘tough on crime’ stance has been exposed as a sham with crime rates rising every year since the Government was elected.

Again under Denis Napthine there has been an explosion in family violence, drug offences, crime against the person and other crime.

Quotes attributable to Mr Noonan:
“Under Denis Napthine and the Liberals, more people are turning to a life of crime, our prisons are overflowing and police aren’t getting the resources they need.”
“Denis Napthine has reduced the number of frontline police at local stations at the same time as he has slashed Victoria Police funding by $113 million and cut 500 staff.”
“Denis Napthine’s Liberal Government is too dysfunctional to keep our communities safe.”

Key Facts
• Victoria Police figures show crime in Victoria increased 7.1 per cent, drug offences are up 17.8 per cent, family violence increased 6 per cent, assault is up 2.3 per cent, crime against the person increased 2.7 per cent and other crime jumped 21.3 per cent, mainly driven by breaches of intervention orders and theft from a motor vehicle is up 5.4 per cent.
• The crime rate in regional centres has increased: 6.4 per cent in Bendigo, 6.2 per cent in Geelong, 7.2 on the Surf Coast and 11.7 per cent in Ballarat. Across Melbourne, the trend is repeated: Crime in Frankston has increased by 12.9 per cent, and in Manningham 20.7 per cent and Yarra Ranges 6.9 per cent.
• There are fewer frontline police officers assigned to local stations today than there were in November 2010. Government documents show of the 56 ‘police service areas’ across Victoria, only six have more police now than in November 2010 reducing Victoria Police’s ability to tackle family violence.
• Victorian taxpayers are now paying an additional $1 billion per year under Denis Napthine to prop-up the Government’s failed law and order strategy with the recent state budget revealing the Government is funding more prison beds than hospital beds.
• The Productivity Commission’s most recent report on Government services revealed that the state’s recidivism rate has also grown, with 36.8 per cent of released prisoners returning to jail within two years, up from 35.1 per cent in 2011-12.

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