Posted on 10. Jul, 2014 in News

Victoria’s jobs crisis continues to worsen under Denis Napthine with the unemployment rate jumping to 6.5 per cent, well above the national average of 6 per cent.

The Labour Force figures, released by the ABS today, show that Victoria suffered the ‘largest absolute decrease in seasonally adjusted employment’.

More than 53,000 Victorians have become unemployed under the Liberal Government.

This jump in the unemployment rate obliterates last month’s small drop in the figures.

Quotes attributable to Mr Scott:

“Denis Napthine’s jobs crisis continues unabated with the ABS reporting yet another jump in the state’s unemployment rate.”

“Victoria had the biggest decrease in employment across the nation – down 15,200.”

“Looking for work in Victoria is getting harder under Denis Napthine and the Liberals.”

Key Facts

• More than 53,000 Victorians have become unemployed under the Napthine Government.
• The seasonally adjusted figures (May to June) from the ABS show that in Victoria
o The unemployment rate rose from 6.2 to 6.5 per cent
o The participation rate dropped from to 64.1, lower than a month ago, and much lower than in 2010.
• Victoria still has the worst youth unemployment rate on the mainland.

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