Posted on 12. May, 2014 in News

More than three quarters of Victoria’s rivers and waterways are deteriorating and Denis Napthine is only making things worse.

Denis Napthine isn’t supporting the condition of Victoria’s rivers and cut millions from the authorities responsible for managing them.

Cuts and so-called “efficiency measures” will cost jobs and block the necessary water projects, sewerage maintenance and works that our waterways need.

The cash reserves and dividends of Victoria’s water agencies were raided to prop up the Budget’s bottom line. But the scandal-plagued Office of Living Victoria hasn’t lost a cent.

Quotes attributable to Mr Foley:

“Denis Napthine has lost the plot – he cut funds from every important water authority except the one tarnished by allegations of mismanagement.”

“Denis Napthine has only one water policy: pray for rain.”

“Water security is important to regional Victoria, but Denis Napthine’s dysfunctional Government is just making things worse.”

Key Facts

• The Fairer Water Bills program will force so-called ‘efficiency measures’ on water authorities, which will cost jobs and important projects.
• The Government is falling behind delivering the $2 billion Goulburn Murray Water Connections Project, which should be providing upgrades to on farm irrigation systems, delivering water savings to return water to the environment under the Murray Darling Basin Plan.
• $312 million has been gouged from the reserves and dividends of water authorities to fund the Budget surplus.

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