Posted on 12. Jun, 2014 in News

Denis Napthine failed the test of leadership and voted to keep the rorting Member for Frankston, Geoff Shaw, in Parliament and reward him with a $160,000 bonus.

Victorian Labor moved to end the dysfunctional circus and immediately expel Geoff Shaw from Parliament.

Instead Denis Napthine ordered his MPs to continue the protection racket and voted to give Geoff Shaw a slap on the wrist and will allow him to return to Parliament in September.

Quotes attributable to Mr Merlino:

“By continuing to protect Geoff Shaw, Denis Napthine has voted to continue the Liberal and Nationals protection racket for the rorting Member for Frankston.”

“Last week Denis Napthine, was talking tough but today failed to act and instead gave Geoff Shaw a slap on the wrist, a paid vacation and $160,000.”

“Once again Denis Napthine has proven that Geoff Shaw still controls this dysfunctional, chaotic Liberal government.”

Key Facts

• Victorian Labor Leader Daniel Andrews moved to expel Geoff Shaw immediately from Parliament today. The Napthine Government voted this down.
• If Geoff Shaw had been expelled he would lose his salary and entitlements and would not be eligible for a severance payment of more than $36,000 after the next election.
• Denis Napthine moved a motion to only suspend Geoff Shaw and allow him back into Parliament on Tuesday, 2 September.

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