Posted on 26. Jun, 2014 in News

Denis Napthine and the Liberals are ripping off water bill payers, the Government watchdog revealed.

The Auditor-General has found that the percentage of water bills meant to be reserved for environmental projects is instead going straight into Government coffers.

The $500 million* collected through the Environmental Contribution Levy since 2010 was meant to support local water projects to improve sustainability and reduce water use.

The Auditor-General’s report, tabled in Parliament today, says the Napthine Government raided the levy and used the funds to instead boost its Budget bottom line.

Quotes attributable to Mr Foley:

“Ordinary families who pay their bills are getting ripped off by the Liberals again.”

“Denis Napthine already runs the highest taxing Government in Victoria’s history, but he still wants hundreds of millions of dollars more.”

“These funds were supposed to go toward projects that could reduce water use and reduce water bills, but the Government confiscated the funds for itself.”

Key Facts

• The Environmental Contribution Levy is set at five per cent of urban water corporations’ revenue, and two per cent of rural water corporations’ revenue.
• The Department of Environment and Primary Industries, which administers the levy, was criticised by the Auditor-General over lack of transparency, poor prioritisation and failing to demonstrate the money has been put to the best possible use.
• The average annual cost of the levy to water bills has doubled under this government to $44.25 – making a mockery of the governments promised water bill cuts.

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