Posted on 21. May, 2014 in News

Denis Napthine has abandoned the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET), which helps people save energy and save money on their bills.

The announcement was made just minutes before Energy Minister Russell Northe was to appear before a parliamentary budget hearing, in a clear attempt to avoid scrutiny.

Increased power bills are hurting low income families. The Ombudsman recently revealed a rise in the number of disconnections of customers struggling to pay.

Mr Northe said the supposed savings from abolishing the VEET will be passed on to consumers by energy retailers.

Under questioning, Mr Northe admitted he couldn’t actually guarantee this would happen.

Quotes attributable to Ms D’Ambrosio:

“Thanks to Denis Napthine, low income families will be stuck with higher energy bills.”

“This is already the highest taxing, highest charging Government in Victoria’s history and they’re just making the cost of living even worse.”

“Energy efficiency isn’t just about saving the planet – it’s also about saving money. Denis Napthine doesn’t get it.”

Key Facts

• The Victorian Energy Efficiency Target was set up in 2007, and was set to run over a twenty year period.
• The VEET scheme supports 2,000 Victorian jobs which will now disappear.
• The target at the centre of the scheme was variable, and subject to regular review, so that the scheme would change in line with the state’s economy.
• The Energy and Water Ombudsman released a report showing that in three months, there was a 29 and a 66 per cent jump in electricity and gas disconnections, respectively.
• The VEET scheme’s business case, released late last night, contains inconsistencies with other reputable reports raising questions about the integrity of the Napthine Government’s modelling.

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