Posted on 24. Jan, 2014 in News

Premier Denis Napthine must act on Victoria’s crumbling health system and sack Health Minister David Davis, Shadow Minister for Health, Gavin Jennings, said today.

Mr Jennings said every aspect of the health system has gone backwards since the Coalition took office and Victorians are sick of Mr Davis’ excuses.

“David Davis has completely failed to run Victoria’s health system and Denis Napthine has no choice but to sack him,” Mr Jennings said.

“Denis Napthine and David Davis have lost control of our hospitals and they have no plan to stop it getting worse.”

Mr Andrews said that the Napthine Government had failed to meet its own benchmarks on:
• Code 1 Ambulance Response times within 15 minutes;
• Semi-urgent and non-urgent elective surgery patient treatment times;
• Emergency department patients treated within time;
• Ambulance transfers to emergency departments within 40 minutes; and
• Mental health patients being transferred to a bed within 8 hours.

Mr Jennings that in the likely event of a cabinet reshuffle Denis Napthine’s first move must be to move David Davis.

“Over the last three years, Victorians have heard it all from Mr Davis: it was the Federal Government’s fault, it was the paramedics’ fault, it was the nurses’ fault. The time for excuses is over,” Mr Jennings said.

“The facts are clear: Mr Davis has presided over $826 million cut from the system, hospitals are doing less activity as a result, emergency departments are clogged and people are dying waiting for an ambulance.

“Mr Davis has refused to release important public health data and he has broken his election promise to introduce 800 new beds to the system – all this at a time when demand is rising.

“Mr Davis has disputed nurses claim that he has failed on his promised new beds, and criticised them for the work they have done to prove that in fact our hospitals have significantly contracted. That’s all he ever does, that’s all he is good at.

“If the nurses are wrong, along with all the doctors, paramedics and Victorian patients that agree with them, Mr Napthine and Mr Davis should just release the location of each bed they have added to the system.

“But they won’t, because these beds don’t exist, and this should be last fraud Mr Davis is allowed to perpetrate on the Victorian people.

“Liberals simply don’t get health, but Mr Davis is the worst of the lot. Mr Napthine needs to take responsibility for the damage that has already been inflicted by the worst health minister in this state’s history – Mr Davis has to go.”

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