Posted on 18. Sep, 2014 in News

Denis Napthine’s Health Minister, David Davis, refused to release ambulance data on a day when Victoria’s health system was in complete meltdown.

Mr Davis failed to comply with a direction of the Parliament to provide a list of local ambulance response times by midday on Wednesday.

For 24 hours from noon on Tuesday, nine major metropolitan hospitals were on ‘bypass’, which diverts ambulances away from full emergency departments.

At 12.30pm on Tuesday, 13 ambulances were ramped outside St Vincent’s Hospital, unable to transfer their patients.

Quotes attributable to Mr Jennings:

“Under the Liberals, our health system is in crisis and loved ones are waiting longer for the treatment they need.”

“David Davis has lost control of our hospitals and now he’s hiding the evidence.”

“The situation has become so bad that at some stage over a 24 hours period this week every hospital in the entire north and west of Melbourne was closed for business.”

Key Facts

• On Tuesday and Wednesday this week, the following hospitals went on hospital bypass: Royal Melbourne Hospital, The Alfred, St Vincent’s Hospital, Austin Hospital, Western Hospital (Footscray), Northern Hospital, Sunshine Hospital, Angliss Hospital and Werribee Mercy.
• The Legislative Council required the Health Minister to produce, by 12 noon yesterday, a complete list of ambulance response times for Code 1 dispatches for the period 1 July 2013 to 30 June 2014 for each urban centre and locality and for each local government area, including —
o the total number of Code 1 instances;
o the average time to respond;
o the fiftieth percentile;
o the ninetieth percentile; and
o the proportion of Code 1 incidents responded to within 15 minutes.:
• An Andrews Labor will release local ambulance response times if elected in November.

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