Posted on 12. May, 2014 in News

Denis Napthine’s school cuts pushed 10,000 young Victorians out of the education system, and it will only get worse.

Last week’s Budget scrapped the Youth Partnerships program, which supports vulnerable and jobless youth.

Education department documents reveal 10,000 students in Years 9 to 11 drop out of the education and training system each year.

A further 6000 students are lost from vocational education and training within 12 months.

Quotes attributable to Mr Brooks:

“Under Denis Napthine and the Liberals, our kids can’t get the skills they need to get a job or start a career.”

“It’s simple: If you have a youth unemployment crisis, don’t cut TAFE and don’t cut the very programs that help those at risk.”

“Under Denis Napthine, our kids are on their own.”

Key Facts

• The Youth Partnership Program, which supports vulnerable, jobless youth, will come to an end from June 2014.
• Commissioner for Children and Young People, Bernie Geary, called on the Government to reveal details of the ‘missing’ children, so they could receive help: “There is evidence many thousands of young people have disappeared off the education radar. It is the responsibility of the Education Department to tell us where they are so we can resume contact with them.”
• Brotherhood of St Laurence Executive Director, Tony Nicholson, said the Government figures revealed an unfolding social disaster in Victoria: “There are large numbers of young people ill-equipped to be employed, and for whom their life chances are curtailed at a very early age.’’

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