Posted on 11. Feb, 2014 in Clayton Update

The failure of the Napthine and Abbott Governments to act to keep Ford, Holden and Toyota in Victoria will mean major job losses in Melbourne’s South East region, State Member for Clayton Mr Hong Lim said.

Mr Lim said the closure of Toyota would devastate the component manufacturing industry.

“Denis Napthine and Tony Abbott abandoned Melbourne’s South East region and the businesses that employ 30,000 component manufacturing workers across Victoria,” Mr Lim said.

“Here in the electorate of Clayton and surrounds, jobs in our thriving components industry are now at risk.

“These job losses will be devastating for local families and will hurt businesses in the municipalities of Greater Dandenong, Kingston and Monash that are home to almost 140 suppliers.

“Denis Napthine will forever be remembered as the Premier who stood by and did nothing while the car industry died.

“Manufacturing workers in Melbourne’s South East needed a jobs plan but Denis Napthine failed every single one of them.

“Victoria used to be the engine room of this country, but under the Napthine Government, we’ve fallen apart.”

Mr Lim said the Napthine Government’s own submission to the Australian Productivity Commission public inquiry into the car industry lists the regions most affected by the collapse of the sector.

A copy of the report can be found at:”

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