Posted on 19. Jun, 2014 in News

Manufacturing jobs continue to fall under Denis Napthine and the Liberals.

Australian Bureau of Statistics manufacturing figures released today show the full-time employment in the industry crashed 9.7 per cent, with 24,000 jobs lost in the 12 months to May.

At the same time, Queensland gained 2,900 full-time manufacturing jobs, an increase of 2.1 per cent, and South Australia gained 3,500 full-time jobs, an increase of 28.2 per cent.

Denis Napthine still doesn’t have a jobs plan.

Quotes attributable to Mr Somyurek:

“Manufacturing jobs are increasing in South Australia and Queensland, but in Denis Napthine’s Victoria, the industry is in free fall.”

“Under the Liberals, shops are shutting, the economy is hurting and our biggest companies are closing their doors.”

“Denis Napthine is sitting on the sidelines – only Labor has a plan for jobs and growth that will get Victoria working again.”

Key Facts

• Denis Napthine cut $1.2 billion from TAFE, reducing retraining opportunities for the unemployed.
• Labor’s Project 10,000 will invest $2 billion in country and outer suburban roads and create 10,000 new jobs across Victoria.
• Labor’s Plan for Jobs and Growth will also see more investment in job-creating projects for communities throughout Victoria.

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