Posted on 09. Nov, 2014 in Election Media Release, News

The Liberals rolled into Ballarat today – complete with busloads of seat-fillers shipped in from Melbourne – but the showcase could only be described as a ‘failure to launch’.


A desperate Denis Napthine adopted one of Labor’s plans to reduce youth unemployment but did not mention the word ‘TAFE’ once in his entire speech.


The Liberal plan to give town squares a fresh coat of paint won’t fix the youth unemployment crisis that’s gripping our regional cities. Only TAFE gives young people the skills they need and the Liberals have gutted it.


Denis Napthine promised new trains, but Liberals always lie about public transport. Victorians will never forget their broken promises for new trains and new train lines.


After four years of failure, this is a tired Liberal Party, with no plan and no vision for our state and only one message for Victorians: you’re on your own.


Quotes attributable to Mr Merlino


“Denis Napthine did not mention TAFE or skills once in his entire speech. It’s a message to every young person in this state: you’re on your own.”


“The Liberals cut TAFE, they gutted TAFE and now they’re burying TAFE. They’re ashamed and embarrassed and so they should be.”


“The Liberals promised new trains, but Liberals always lie about public transport.”


“They broke all their promises for new trains and new rail lines, and they’ll do it again, because they care about propaganda, not passengers.”


Key Facts


  • In 2012, the Liberals ripped $1.2 billion from TAFE, cutting courses, sacking staff and closing campuses.
  • When the Liberals came to office, Victoria’s unemployment rate was 4.8 per cent. Four years later it has risen to 6.7 per cent.
  • Youth unemployment is currently at 14.4 per cent. This is the Liberals’ lost generation.
  • The Liberals promised to deliver 40 new trains at their campaign launch in 2010. Four years later, only seven are on the tracks.
  • In 2010, the Liberals promised to build Doncaster Rail, Rowville Rail and Avalon Airport Rail. All promises were broken.

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