Posted on 06. Nov, 2014 in Clayton Update, Election Media Release

“The Napthine Liberal government’s grand plan for improvements on the Cranbourne / Pakenham rail line has collapsed and the ‘spare no expense’ signs trumpeting their credentials have been removed to avoid embarrassment,” Hong Lim MP, Labor candidate for Clarinda said today.

“Last year the Victorian Liberal government accepted an unsolicited bid by a rail consortium to remove four rail crossings and replace three stations along the Cranbourne / Pakenham line.”

“Glossy plans were produced, public meetings held, and a considerable amount of money wasted just a few months before the election pretending to care about public transport has now amounted to nothing.”

“Transport Minister Terry Mulder quietly indicated last month that the expected rushed contract signing would not go ahead. Instead, he signed a vague ‘requirements agreement’ with the consortium.”

“This Liberal sham project now has no actual completion date. It does not pass sniff test and the removal of these signs proves the point.”

“Alarm bells are ringing and it is obvious to local residents that if the Liberals are returned, at best they might get four rail crossings removed and three substandard underground rail stations commencing many years into the future for a premium price.”

“Only Labor will replace 14 level crossings on the Cranbourne / Pakenham Line and rebuild stations as required to include transport interchange hubs to ensure a safe connecting route for pedestrians and cyclists.” Mr Lim said.

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