Posted on 23. Sep, 2014 in News

Denis Napthine is syphoning funds from the Fire Services Property Levy to take firefighters to court.


The Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) annual report revealed the massive increase in fees for costly lawyers and consultants.


The MFB Chief Executive Officer confirmed the expenditure. As a result, Denis Napthine and Kim Wells are spending less on uniforms and training.


The Fire Services Property Levy is advertised as a fund for life saving equipment, staff, volunteers, training, infrastructure and community education.


Quotes attributable to Mr Noonan:


“Instead of supporting our firefighters, Denis Napthine and Kim Wells are suing them.”


“This Levy exists to make our community safer, not to make lawyers richer.”


“Funds for training and uniforms are down but funds for lawyers and consultants are up.”


Key Facts


  • According to the MFB’s 2013-14 annual the fire brigade spent nearly 10 per cent more in legal costs, up from $3.9 million to $4.3 million, and nearly three times as much in consultant fees, from $303,000 to $874,000. At the same time less was being spent on training, development, communications, uniforms and plant and maintenance equipment.

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