Posted on 12. Jun, 2014 in News

Victoria’s failed Health Minister, David Davis, has disputed Victorian Labor’s analysis of Tony Abbott’s budget cuts, even though it was based on the formula used on the Victorian Department of Health’s website.

Mr Davis has repeatedly refused to detail the effects of Tony Abbott’s cuts on Victorian hospitals.

However, in 2013, Mr Davis produced modelling for health funding which is detailed on the Department of Health website:

Victorian Labor’s analysis uses the same “pro-rata allocation” based on published hospital funding data as used on this website to detail the devastating effects of Tony Abbott’s cuts on each Victorian hospital from 2013/14 to 2017/18.

Quotes attributable to Mr Jennings:

“The Napthine Government know that our hospitals are bracing for record cuts, but they won’t admit it.”

“Tony Abbott’s budget cuts will hit Victorian hospitals harder than any other state.”

“Mr Davis won’t admit how badly Victoria will be hit by Abbott’s cuts, instead all he offers is excuses – he is the worst health minister in the state’s history.”

Key Facts

• Denis Napthine has already slashed $831 million from Victorian hospitals.
• The Federal Budget outlined $1.4 billion will be cut from Victoria’s health budget between 2013/14 and 2017/18. This includes a $982 million cut to the National Health Reform Agreement for hospitals.
• Beyond 2017, there is an additional $50 billion to be cut from health nationally, including at least $12 billion ripped out of the Victorian health budget.

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