Posted on 09. May, 2014 in News

Multicultural Community Broadcasting is at risk after the Abbott Government’s National Commission of Audit recommended a funding cut.

Abolishing all Commonwealth grants to the Community Broadcasting Program would mean an uncertain future for multicultural broadcasting.

In Victoria, multicultural broadcasting operates in 63 distinct communities in 57 different languages. It has an estimated audience of 400,000 across the state.

Over 4,000 volunteers contribute to the multicultural broadcasting sector in Australia.

Quotes attributable to Mr Andrews:

“The Abbott Government should keep its hands off multicultural broadcasting.”

“These programs need the support of the Government to stay on the airwaves.”

“The Napthine Government needs to stand up to Canberra and stop the cuts.”

Key Facts

• Multicultural community broadcasting programs are particularly important for Victorians from regional and remote areas.
• These programs promote social linkages, community engagement and local empowerment within Australia’s culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

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