Posted on 28. May, 2014 in Election Media Release

Victoria’s family violence emergency is getting worse, with new Victoria Police crime statistics showing a six per cent increase in the 12 months to March 2014.

Victoria needs a Royal Commission into family violence, now more than ever.

The 21,000 victims will have faced endless waiting lists, an underfunded support network, a police force under pressure and intervention orders that often mean nothing.

The whole system is broken, and funding cuts to hardworking support providers and Victoria Police have made the problem even worse.

Only Labor will hold a Royal Commission into family violence to find answers for its prevention and to repair the broken system.

Quotes attributable to Ms Green:

“Family violence is the biggest law and order crisis in the state.”

“These statistics show that we need a Royal Commission into family violence, now more than ever.”

“Labor’s Royal Commission will investigate the whole system from the ground up and nothing will be off limits.”

Key Facts

• Family violence in Victoria jumped 6 per cent, Geelong increased 9.1 per cent, Bendigo is up 15.6 per cent and in Ringwood 16.4 per cent. Other crimes have increased by 21.3 per cent, mainly driven by breaches of intervention orders.
• Labor’s Royal Commission will investigate criminal law, corrections, courts, community services, alcohol and drug services, health services, refuges and housing, the school curriculum and the tools available to Victoria Police.
• The panel will be headed by an eminent Australian judge with experience in family law. A panel of survivors and support providers will advise the Commission.
• There are fewer frontline police officers assigned to local stations today than there were in November 2010.
• Victorian taxpayers are now paying an additional $1 billion per year under Denis Napthine to prop-up the Liberal Government’s failed law and order strategy with the recent state budget revealing the Government is funding more prison beds than hospital beds.

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