Posted on 15. Sep, 2014 in News

Labor has called for the inquiry into the Morwell mine fire to be re-opened, following more evidence that the fire had a deadly impact on the town’s population.

The evidence, presented to media by respected statistician Adrian Barnett, shows the mortality rate in Morwell during the time of the fire was significantly higher than usual.

The data, showing there were at least 11 deaths above the trend, comes amid growing criticism of the Napthine Government’s handling of the response to the fire and its aftermath.

Re-opening the inquiry should not prevent the Government from implementing the recommended fire mitigation strategies.

Quotes attributable to Mr Jennings:

“We need to re-open this inquiry because we need to get it right.”

“The dysfunctional Napthine Government failed the emergency response in Morwell and locals deserve to know the full story.”

Quotes attributable to Labor’s candidate for Morwell, Jadon Mintern:

“We weren’t told about the dangers of the fire, we weren’t given enough information, we were all left in the lurch.”

“The inquiry wrapped up too quickly. Clearly, not all the facts were investigated. We’ve been failed again.”

Key Facts

• The fire broke out in the Hazelwood coal mine next to Morwell on February 9, 2014.
• The coal fire burnt in the coal batters for 45 days.
• The Board of Inquiry’s report into the mine fire was released publicly on September 2, 2014.

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