Posted on 08. Jul, 2014 in News

Denis Napthine’s centrepiece project is falling apart. According to leaked internal reports, the $8 billion East West Tunnel will be a financial disaster.

According to media reports, a government study found that, even if the cheapest and most destructive version of the project is attempted, it will still run ‘at a loss’.

Since its announcement, Mr Napthine has refused to release the business case for the project.

Quotes attributable to Mr Tee:

“This project has been botched from day one – even Denis Napthine’s own numbers say it’s a financial disaster in-waiting.”

“These are billions of dollars we could be spending on hospitals, schools and public transport but Denis Napthine wants to blow it all on his dud tunnel.”

“Instead of signing the contracts, Denis Napthine must take this project to an election and let the Victorian people decide.”

Key Facts

• The Age reports that ‘the state would recoup just 73¢ for every $1.00 spent, excluding ”wider economic benefits” from the analysis. The situation was even worse under a high-cost scenario involving maximum tunnelling, with the calculations suggesting Victoria would claw back just 45¢ for every $1 spent.’ (7 July, 2014)
• Tony Abbott cut funding from every single significant public transport project in Australia to fund Denis Napthine’s tunnel, even though Infrastructure Australia says it’s not a top priority.

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