Posted on 06. Jun, 2014 in News

Denis Napthine’s fake train punctuality performance data is driven by trains skipping stations.

Minister for Public Transport, Terry Mulder confirmed that trains are skipping stations to produce deceptive monthly figures.

Over the last couple of months, Melbourne’s metropolitan train lines have continually experienced signalling, service and timetabling faults, leaving thousands of commuters stranded and delayed.

Quotes attributable to Ms Hennessy:

“Denis Napthine is playing politics with train punctuality instead of fixing Melbourne’s public transport nightmare.”

“Commuters know that services routinely skip stations and are slower due to timetabling changes. No amount of spin by Denis Napthine will hoodwink them about that.”

“We deserve a train system that actually works but Denis Napthine’s government is too dysfunctional to deliver it.”

“Denis Napthine had one chance to build a world-class public transport system, and he blew it; instead of doubling the size of the City Loop, he’s diverting trains away from the CBD.”

Key Facts

• Over the last ten years there has been a 70 per cent increase in the number of people using Melbourne’s metropolitan train system particularly during peak periods.
• The Napthine Government has also used tricky timetabling where the addition of extra minutes to services has made it easier for operators to meet contract benchmarks.
• It is predicted that over the next two decades the number of trips on the rail network will increase to 1.7 million each day.
• Only Labor will remove 50 of our most dangerous and congested level crossings across Melbourne, including over ten level crossings on the Dandenong rail corridor.
• A study last year conducted by Denis Napthine’s Transport Department, also said Labor’s Melbourne Metro project would unclog the City Loop and allow more train services.
• Only Labor will build the Melbourne Metro, to double the size of the city loop, including stations at Parkville and Arden.

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