Posted on 05. Jun, 2014 in News

The Napthine Government opposes an increase to the minimum wage, despite the Fair Work Commission awarding an $18.70 increase to the lowest paid Victorians yesterday.

The Napthine Government, in its submission, warned the Commission to be ‘cautious’ when considering an increase for our lowest paid, despite the spiralling cost of living and the government’s increases to fees and fines.

The Federal Budget will see minimum wage earners in Victoria worse off, cutting nearly $40 from their personal budget every week. $80 billion will be cut from Victorian schools and hospitals.

Quotes attributable to Ms Hutchins:

“Denis Napthine doesn’t know how tough it is for families at the moment.”

“He’s taxing Victorians more than ever before, he’s doing nothing to stop the rising cost of living and now he’s opposing a simple increase in the minimum wage.”

“Under Denis Napthine and the Liberals, low-income families are on their own.”

Key Facts

• The Napthine Government has increased car registration fees by $25 and collected millions from vehicle registration fees.
• The Government will reap an additional $225 million from traffic fines, but aren’t putting anything back into local roads, local bus networks or local car parks around train stations.
• An analysis of council rate rises since 2003-04 revealed bills soaring by an average of 87 per cent, from $735 a year to $1373.
• Over 400,000 Victorian families will have their family payments cut.
• Under Tony Abbott’s plans Victorians will be forced to spend more to visit the doctor. This is on top of cuts to hospitals, and increasing the costs of medicines for families.
The Napthine Government’s submission stated:

“It is imperative that minimum wages do not act as an impediment to affected workers securing and maintaining employment, or regaining employment once out of the workforce. In order to limit potential negative impacts, the FWC should exercise caution when determining minimum wage adjustments in its Annual Wage Review 2013-2014 decision.”


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