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Failed Health Minister David Davis has lied to the Victorian people about the number of beds in Victoria’s hospitals.

Despite data from the independent authority, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), showing that the Napthine Government only increased the state’s bed count by 43 in its first two years, Mr Davis released a statement saying 520 beds have been introduced.

This is not just an exaggeration; it’s simply untrue. The figure is not found anywhere in the independent data that Mr Davis insists is the only true measure of hospital bed numbers.

To manufacture his own numbers, Mr Davis included beds funded in Labor’s last budget (2010/11) also claiming several hundred ‘Hospital in the Home’ beds, which the authority says do not contribute to the state’s available acute bed numbers.

The Napthine Government promised 800 new hospitals beds in their first term. At the rate they’re going, this amount will be delivered in the year 2050.

Quotes attributable to Mr Jennings:

“Denis Napthine and the Liberals run our hospitals into the ground, start wars with our paramedics and blatantly lie to the public to hide their broken promises.”

“How can anyone trust the Liberals on health?”

“Denis Napthine must sack his Health Minister David Davis and finally admit the true state of the crisis in our health system.”

Key Facts
• Table 4.6 in the AIHW report shows the average number of acute beds (table 4.6), which has been the accepted figure for bed numbers in Victorian hospitals. At the end of 2012/13 there was 13,297 available, up by 43 beds over the two Liberal budget periods (2011/12 and 2012/13)

• The AIHW states clearly states that Hospital in the Home beds are counted as treatment days, but not within the total number of hospital beds.

• The AIHW is David Davis’ own preference for measuring the number of beds in the state’s hospitals, saying in parliament “the key point here is that the aggregate number of beds is reported by the AIHW, in the authoritative way that you would expect, and that is reported annually.” (October 25, 2012)

• The Government’s pre-election policy document ‘Coalition delivers 800 new beds in the first term’ shows that the first 100 beds would be delivered in the first full financial year of the Government in 2011/12, with 300 beds to have been introduced by the end of June 2013. The document states that the ‘average available beds’ figure does not include “beds occupied by hospital in the home (HITH) patients)”.

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