Posted on 27. Aug, 2014 in Clayton Update

Crime has risen again in Clayton electorate under Denis Napthine.

Denis Napthine and the Liberals are making it harder for local police to do their job.

Crime rates have increased every year since the Napthine Government was elected and the drugs crisis has worsened.

Labor’s Ice Intervention will include an Ice Action Taskforce to deliver an Ice Action Plan within the first 100 days of an Andrews Labor Government, $15 million for new drug and booze buses and $500,000 to set up grassroots community action groups across regional Victoria.

Quotes attributable to Mr Lim:

“Under Denis Napthine and the Liberals, more people are turning to a life of crime, our prisons are overflowing and police aren’t getting the resources they need.”
“Denis Napthine cut more than $100 million in funding and more than 400 staff from Victoria Police.”
“Denis Napthine’s cuts can’t keep our communities safe and these latest Victoria Police crime statistics are further evidence of that.”

“Only Labor has a plan to tackle the Ice epidemic which has been allowed to flourish under the Napthine Government.”

Key Facts
• The most recent Victoria Police Crime Statistics drug offences show crime increased in the City of Monash increased by a frightening 101.2%, the City of Kingston by 10.8% and the City of Greater Dandenong by 9.5%. These increases are measured comparing July 2012 – June 2013 with July 2013 – June 2014.
• Denis Napthine slashed Victoria Police funding by $113 million, cut 500 staff and is now funding more prison beds than hospital beds.
• Labor’s Ice Intervention will also introduce four new offences including penalties for trafficking ice to school students, publishing or possessing instructions to manufacture ice and allowing use of premises for its manufacture or trafficking.
• The Ice Action Taskforce will include representatives from government, Victoria Police, health services, mental health services, drug and alcohol support services, education experts and the Courts and will deliver an Ice Action Plan in the first 100 days of Andrews Labor Government.
• Community Ice Action Groups will assist communities to conduct forums, produce and develop communications, promote education opportunities and evaluate initiatives and interventions.
• Labor will investigate state-wide community awareness and education campaigns including advertising in partnership with community and sporting groups about the dangers of ice.
• The new offences targeting ice are: publishing or possessing instructions for ice; trafficking ice to a primary or secondary school student or near a school; allowing use of premises for its manufacture or trafficking and; trafficking ice associated with violence/threats.

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