Posted on 07. May, 2014 in News

Denis Napthine’s Budget doesn’t do enough to reduce incidents of family violence.

Incidents of family violence and breached intervention orders have increased at alarming rates over the last three years.

Family violence is a crime and its prevention is a priority – Denis Napthine’s failure to act is a disgrace.

Quotes attributable to Danielle Green:

“Denis Napthine cut funding to women’s health services, community programs and important family violence research.

“People at risk of family violence need more support, but under Denis Napthine and the Liberals they aren’t getting it.

“Family violence is an epidemic in our community but Denis Napthine is refusing to act.”

Key Facts

• Family violence in some local government areas has increased by more than 60 per cent.
• The Napthine Government has axed the successful Bsafe program which pioneered ‘SOS’ alarms in households and has cut funding to women’s health services and community programs.
• The family violence sector has roundly condemned the Napthine Government for its miserly funding in this year’s Budget and raised concerns about National Partnerships money being available beyond June 30.

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