Posted on 07. May, 2014 in News

Victoria’s ambulance crisis has no end in sight. The Budget shows ambulances are still failing to arrive on time at emergencies.

Two key indicators of the ambulance system for 2013-14 are outlined in the Budget: state-wide ambulance response times and the time for ambulance patients to be transferred to hospital.

For the third year in a row, Code 1 ambulance response times will not meet the 15-minute response time target.

In every year of the Napthine Government, more than a quarter of urgent Code 1 ambulance cases have not arrived on time.

The Budget also shows that transfer times to hospital for ambulance patients failed to make the grade. More than one in six ambulance patients are taking longer than 40 minutes to get into a hospital bed.

Denis Napthine’s Budget does nothing to improve ambulance response times. They remain at the worst level they’ve ever been.

The Napthine Government has provided just $6.6 million to cater for growth in the ambulance service. This will not fix the crisis – it won’t even make a dent.

Quotes attributable to Mr Jennings:

“As Victoria’s ambulance crisis gets even worse, Denis Napthine does even less.”

“Denis Napthine’s Budget won’t fix the crisis – it won’t even make a dent.”

“Under Denis Napthine, if you need urgent treatment then you’re on your own.”

Key Facts

• Denis Napthine has cut $831 million from health and placed the ambulance system under enormous pressure.
• The Napthine Government has only added 43 beds to the system, despite promising 800.
• The Napthine Government’s ‘Dump and Run’ policy has failed to get ambulance transfer times to target, but has heaped more pressure on struggling emergency departments.
• Denis Napthine still hasn’t ended his long-running war on Victorian paramedics.

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