Posted on 07. May, 2014 in News

Victoria’s hospital performance has gone backwards again, but Denis Napthine’s Budget will do nothing to end the crisis in our health system.

The Budget contains a cynical plan to address overcrowded emergency departments with funding provided for the election year only. The budget also fails invest enough funding to turn around any of the key performance measures and it reveals that Mr Napthine won’t build the hospitals that Victorians need.

Denis Napthine’s vision for our health system is limited to only three new projects – none of which are in Melbourne. Denis Napthine is spending more than twice as much on prison beds as he is on hospital beds.

The Budget reveals that hospital performance has gone even further backwards under Denis Napthine, failing in four major categories. If hardworking doctors, nurses and paramedics can’t get the support they need, the crisis in our hospitals will only get worse.

The Napthine Government promised to introduce 800 new hospital beds in its first term. This promise is now officially broken.

Quotes attributable to Mr Jennings:

“Denis Napthine’s Budget won’t end the crisis in our hospitals and our loved ones are at risk.”

“Thousands of Victorians are waiting too long for surgery, but Denis Napthine cares more about prison beds than hospital beds.”

“Under Denis Napthine and the Liberals, if you need urgent medical treatment then you’re on your own.”

Key Facts

• The Napthine Government cut $831 million from Victorian hospitals over its four budgets in office.
• The budget’s only major capital investments in hospitals are restricted to Latrobe Valley Regional Hospital, Barwon Health-North and Boort District Hospital. Napthine Government Minister Peter Walsh was born in Boort.
• The elective surgery waiting list has grown by 10,000 under the Napthine Government – it’s now the worst it’s ever been.
• The Napthine Government promised increased safety measures for hospitals, outpatient waiting lists and 800 new hospital beds. None of these promises are in this Budget.
• The Budget Papers show hospitals performance failing under the Napthine Government:
o Fail – Non-Urgent (category 3) elective surgery within 365 days. Result 90%. Target 94.5%
o Fail – Semi-Urgent (category 2) elective surgery within 90 days: Result 67%. Target 80%
o Fail – emergency department patients treated within time: Result 74%. Target 80%
o Fail – emergency department 4-hour treatment target: Result 68%. Target 75%

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