Posted on 07. May, 2014 in News

Denis Napthine and Tony Abbott are cutting kinder for four-year-olds.

Victorian parents will miss out on 15 hours of kinder as a National Partnership Agreement between the Liberal State and Federal Governments ends.

Kindergartens will now be funded by Victoria to provide fewer hours of care – only ten hours a week.

The Budget short-changes Victorian families and the loss of Federal funds will make things even worse.

Kindergartens in Victoria are already struggling to meet the demands of an increasing population.

Quality kindergarten with qualified staff is the best start to a child’s education.

Quotes attributable to Ms Mikakos:

“Young families will be paying higher fees for fewer hours of kinder.”

“Liberal Governments are working together to cut access to childcare.”

“Under the Liberals, if you’re a young parent, then you’re on your own.”

Key Facts

• The State’s contribution to the national partnership was to fund an additional 0.75 hours per week. This contribution will also end under this Budget.
• The National Partnership Agreement was a significant Labor reform designed to increase kindergarten hours and the professional qualifications of staff. It would also provide significant infrastructure funding to help meet demand.
• Under the National Partnership, the Federal Government provided Victoria $368.7 million over the life of the agreement. The Budget Papers confirm that Victoria expects this funding to end (BP 2, page 70, BP3, page 87 and BP5, page 173)

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