Posted on 21. May, 2014 in News

It’s official: Denis Napthine’s botched Fire Services Property Levy has siphoned too much money from hardworking farmers.

Today, the Napthine Liberal Government was forced into an embarrassing backflip, announcing a reduction in the amount farmers have to pay for the Levy.

Every few months, the Government tries to patch up this botched and mismanaged Levy. It needs to come clean about where the money is going.

The previous State Budget showed the Liberal Government had already raised $23 million more than anticipated. Victorians still don’t know where the funds are allocated.

The Labor Opposition has continually campaigned to highlight the inequities of the Fire Services Property Levy (FSPL) and has already forced Treasurer Michael O’Brien to make several changes to the FSPL to make it fairer and simpler for Victorians.

Quotes attributable to Mr Pallas:

“It’s another botched scheme from this dysfunctional Liberal Government – they can’t do anything right.”

“Denis Napthine has been charging thousands of Victorians too much on this levy; he needs to come clean and apologise.”

“We just don’t know who will be the next target of this Liberal Government’s mismanagement.”

Key Facts

• The FSL was not been removed from premiums on a pro-rata basis according to amount of insurance coverage after 1 July 2013, leaving insurers feeling like they significantly more.
• There were people whose FSPL payments were six times what they had been paying under the previous levy. The hardest hit being self-funded retirees.
• Some businesses were charged an extra $20,000 just because they live on a different side of the street.
• The levy is collected by Councils, not the State Revenue Office, putting all the burden on local government and not the State Government who are accountable for this tax.
• The funds raised through the FSPL are directed into consolidated revenue, not a dedicated fund for the CFA and MFB.

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