Posted on 14. May, 2014 in News

Victorian hospitals are going to be slammed by the $50 billion cut from health across the country in Tony Abbott’s budget of broken promises.

Tony Abbott promised not to cut funding to health before last year’s federal election, but the federal budget shows that the Victorian health budget is being raided, and it won’t improve health services now or in the future.

Tony Abbott’s GP co-payment will force struggling Victorians to go to already struggling hospital emergency departments, adding chaos to the crisis in our hospitals.

This added congestion in emergency departments will flow to all parts of health care in Victoria – ambulance services, mental health care and elective surgery waiting times.

The Abbott Government has cut National Health Reform Agreement payments to Victoria by nearly $700 million, which will reduce bed numbers, reduce activity and blow out patient waiting times.

Doctors and medical groups warned this type of user-pays healthcare – including upfront payments for imaging and pathology for the first time – will force sick people to skip treatment or medicine, resulting in worse outcomes for patients and more expensive treatment down the track.

Quotes attributable to Mr Jennings:

“Under the Liberals, the crisis in our hospitals will get even worse.”

“Families will pay more to see a doctor and buy medicine and they will wait longer for treatment and surgery.”

“This is a horror budget for health because it’s a Liberal Budget.”

Key Facts

• The Federal Budget outlines cuts from Victorian hospitals, including:
o $693 million has been cut from hospitals through the National Health Reform Agreement over four years
o $240 million cut from hospitals, preventative health, and dental programs over four years
• The State Liberal Government, under Denis Napthine, has already slashed $826 million from Victorian Hospitals.
• Victorian hospitals are already failing to meet treatment targets in elective surgery and emergency departments, while ambulance response times have blown out.

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