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“This Budget is cold comfort to Victorians on wThe 2013 Victorian Budget was a cynical exercise in cruelty and illusion, Leader of the Opposition Daniel
Andrews said today.

Mr Andrews said that a total of over $1 billion in cuts have been made to vital services that Victorians need
and today’s Budget from Denis Napthine would cause more pain for patients, students, workers and families.

“This Budget is cold comfort to Victorians on waiting lists, to the tens of thousands of Victorians that have lost
their job since the Liberals came to power and to the students who can’t get into TAFE,” Mr Andrews said.

“You can’t trust the Liberals with your health, your child’s education or your job security.”

Mr Andrews said there was no relief in sight for the 55,000 patients on hospital waiting lists or for those left
waiting longer for an ambulance.

“This is not a Budget from a Government that has Victorians’ interests at heart,” he said.
Cuts to services in the 2013-14 State Budget include:

• $209 million of cuts to the health system, no money to address the ambulance crisis and no mention of the
location of the Coalition’s promised 800 new hospital beds;

• $69 million of cuts to education – which means Victorian students will miss out on the Federal Government’s
Gonksi education reform package; and

• $20 million in cuts to abolish the Trade Bonus to apprenticeships and no major infrastructure project to
provide jobs for Victorians.

“This is a cruel Budget for Victorians when taxation revenue has increased by $2.2 billion from last year – it is
an insult to those getting far less than they were promised,” Mr Andrews said.

The Leader of the Opposition said the biggest insult was Denis Napthine telling Victorians that you can pay for
a multi-billion road project for only $294 million.

“Victorians are smarter than that and have every right to ask where the rest of the money is coming from and
how much it will cost taxpayers,” he said.

“Mr Napthine and Mr O’Brien need to come clean on how much the private sector will need to charge motorists
in toll fees.

“They have to be honest with Victorians on how much taxpayers will have to pay to fund the project at a State

Mr Andrews said today’s Budget would not provide any traffic congestion relief for motorists in Melbourne’s
East for at least another six to seven years, while Geelong and Western Melbourne motorists would continue to
battle gridlock for more than a decade.

“This is not delivering, this is pretending to deliver. It’s an insult to Victorians who deserve better from this
Government,” he said.

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