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New data released today shows public transport in metropolitan Melbourne is getting worse under the Napthine Government, Acting Shadow Minister for Public Transport, Richard Wynne, said today.

Mr Wynne said Public Transport Victoria’s quarterly service report covering April to June 2013, showed more than 1200 train services had bypassed the city and Altona loop – nearly double the previous reporting period.

“These alarming statistics are further evidence that the Napthine Government has dropped the ball on public transport in favour of its dud $8 billion tunnel,” Mr Wynne said.

“What train users know is that public transport is overcrowded and is failing because Denis Napthine only has one transport focus and that is his dud $8billion tunnel that makes further public transport investment decades away.

“Denis Napthine won’t invest in public transport, it is getting worse and it won’t get any better under his Government.

“Commuters have a right to be upset at Transport Minister Terry Mulder’s claims in 2011 that he had ‘fixed’ Victoria’s transport system when the reality is it is getting worse.

“Only the Napthine Government could make timetable changes that guarantee two out of three services run against the peak, skip stations or bypasses the city and Altona loops.”

Mr Wynne said any improvement to the train network would be years away under the Napthine Government.

“The Government Transport Demand Report talked about a doubling of patronage in the next 20 years, yet Mr Napthine’s un-costed 30 year plan for public transport announced earlier this year won’t see improved services under this Government until well after 2023.

“What we know from MetroTrains operation plans is that Victoria needs 47 new trains in operation by 2017, but what the Liberal’s plan says is that we will have 33 trains some time in the future, well beyond 2023.

“It seems rail projects that would improve the commuter experience have been put on the back burner while the Napthine Government pushes ahead with an $8 billion dud tunnel that no Victorian voted for, or wants, from a Premier that no one voted for.”

The PTV quarterly report can be found at:

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