Posted on 07. Oct, 2013 in News

Figures released last week show that the Napthine Government is responsible for a blowout in elective surgery waiting times, Shadow Health Minister Gavin Jennings said.

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) Australian Hospital Statistics report released recently show the number of surgeries being performed in Victorian hospitals has dropped for the second year in a row.

“Despite our growing population and increasing in demand, the health system under Denis Napthine has contracted,” Mr Jennings said.

“Denis Napthine and the Liberals have lost control of Victoria’s hospitals

“With our growing population, and an ageing community, there should be more surgery performed in Victoria each year, not less – how can the Government justify shrinking the system at a time like this?

“The report shows less Victorians are getting the elective surgery they need and they are waiting longer in pain to get it.”

The AIHW report found:

• 153,415 elective surgery admissions in Victoria in 2012-13 (down 665 from 2011-12, and down 4157 in two years since 2010-11);
• More than 5000 people waited longer than a year for their surgery;
• Patients are waiting even longer with those at the 90th percentile now waiting 223 days, up from 189.

“For the second year in a row, this government has cut the number of surgical procedures in Victoria,” Mr Jennings said.

“Things are worse than ever before and it is because Denis Napthine has cut $826 million from health.

“And there is no sign of the 800 new beds that were promised before the election.

“Since this government was elected the number of people waiting for elective surgery has sky-rocketed to its highest ever levels, our emergency departments are out of control, and ambulance response times have blown out at every single metropolitan ambulance station.

“But, instead of doing something about it, Denis Napthine and David Davis continue to ignore the problem and find someone else to blame.

“Instead of focussing on sick Victorians, Mr Napthine is preoccupied with keeping Geoff Shaw sweet and ploughing $8 billion into a tunnel that no one voted for.”

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