Posted on 31. Jan, 2013 in News

Dozens of students are yet to receive iPads and other prizes despite winning an anti-bullying competition run by the State Government, Labor’s Parliamentary Secretary for Education Colin Brooks said today.

Mr Brooks said Education Minister Martin Dixon had failed to hand out the prizes, nor had he notified winning entrants, despite the competition closing nearly eight months ago.

The competition, which ran from March to June 2012, asked school students to come up with a name for an ‘anti-bullying campaign’ and winning entrants were promised prizes such as ‘iPads, an iPad nano or a $500 iTunes voucher’.

“Those students who entered this competition deserve to be told if they were successful and they deserve the prizes they were promised,” he said.

“Instead Mr Dixon has done absolutely nothing and the iPads are sitting under a bureaucrat’s desk gathering dust.

“It says a lot about this troubled Education Minister that a simple task, like notifying the winning students who made the effort to enter this competition, takes months to complete.

“This failure by Mr Dixon also sends the wrong message to our school students about the importance of tackling bullying.”

Mr Brooks said the Baillieu Government had a poor record in tackling bullying in schools.

“While the continuation of the eSmart cyber-safety initiative, started under Labor, is welcome, the Baillieu Government has not met it promises and has failed to designate new Primary Welfare Officers for this school year,” he said.

“The low priority the Baillieu Government places on tackling bullying in our schools is another reason for Victorians not to trust it with educating our children.”

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