Posted on 17. Sep, 2013 in News

Denis Napthine has been caught out yet again telling porkies and claiming projects that were designed and funded by Labor as his own, Acting Shadow Minister for Public Transport, Richard Wynne, said today.

Mr Napthine tweeted making a claim that his Government was a ‘public transport government’ and provided a list of projects to support this.

“Denis Napthine has yet again been caught out claiming Labor funded projects as his own in a desperate attempt to justify why he is spending $8billion on a dud tunnel no one wants, or voted for, by a Premier no one voted for,” Mr Wynne said.

“By spending $8 billion on a dud tunnel it means public transport improvements needed now are years away or on hold indefinitely.

“Victorian commuters are well aware of the public transport crisis developing in this State under the poor management of Denis Napthine.”

Mr Wynne said Mr Napthine’s claims were not true as:

• Two out of every 3 new peak hour services that the Liberal Government claims to have added run the wrong way against the peak hour rush and the Liberal Premier failed to introduce a new penalty in the Metro contract to put an end to the practice of station skipping.

• Metro Trains Strategic Operations plans shows that the Liberal Government’s failure to order enough new trains means that by 2017 there will be a critical shortage of 46 trains, increasing delays, overcrowding and cancellations.

• The Liberals have broken their pre-election promise to deliver an additional 10 new trams. The 50 new trams currently being delivered were fully funded by the former Labor Government and the Liberal Premier’s only contribution has been his failure to ensure that the delivery of the new trams remains on schedule.

• The only reason that the Liberal Government ordered new V/line carriages was because the former CEO of V/Line said that without them demand could not be met and because Labor dragged the Liberal Premier to the table kicking and screaming.

• Mr Napthine’s claimed Frankston Line funding is simply not true and the Government’s own budget papers make it clear that only $10 million will be spent across the Frankston, Werribee and Williamstown lines before the next election.

• Mr Napthine’s claim of funding regional rail link is another furphy as the project was fully funded by the previous Labor State and Federal Governments.

• Mr Napthine’s so-called bus improvements never materialised in regional Victoria where he has cut numerous bus services introduced by Labor under the Transport Connections scheme. What’s worse is that many regional communities are right now facing the prospect of losing their local school buses thanks to the Liberal Government’s massive cuts.

• Mr Napthine has ignored the independent ALCAM level crossing list and continues to put politics ahead of safety. The funding allocated is being spent on level crossings like the New Street crossing in Brighton ranked 223rd and the Dalvui Lane level crossing in Terry Mulder’s electorate ranked 394th on the independent ranking priority list.

“The Napthine Government in nearly three years has managed to send two out of three new peak hour services against the peak hour rush, deliver services that skip stations and bypass the City and Altona Loop, slow down regional train services and raised fares by more than 18 per cent with no improvement in service delivery,” Mr Wynne said.

“Denis Napthine and his Government have made it clear they don’t care and have no plan to improve public transport, that is why they are spending $8 billion on a dud tunnel that no one wants, or voted for, by a Premier no one voted for.”

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