Posted on 14. May, 2013 in News

The Napthine Government has released its latest hospital data which shows a further blowout in the number of Victorians waiting for elective surgery, Shadow Health Minister Gavin Jennings said today.

Mr Jennings said the Victorian Health Services Performance Data for the March 2013 quarter showed nearly 3000 more people were added to the list in the three month reporting period, bringing the total number to 50,565.

“More people are now waiting longer than ever before for surgery they desperately need, and Premier Napthine’s savage cuts to health are the reason for the blowout,” Mr Jennings said.

“And last week’s State Budget showed Mr Napthine’s response to this growing crisis was to cut a further $210 million out of health.

“How much more evidence does Mr Napthine need that his Health Minister, David Davis, cannot manage our health system?

“But when asked about the deterioration in the health system under his watch, Mr Davis blamed everyone else: the former government, the Federal Government, the nurses, even Labor’s Parliamentary Secretary, Wade Noonan.

“When will Mr Davis and Mr Napthine take responsibility for this mess?

“Mr Davis avoided scrutiny today by releasing the data under the cover of the Federal Budget and only after he had finished at the Public Accounts and Estimates hearing.

Mr Jennings said the Government had failed to meet targets for:
• semi-urgent elective surgery patients treated within 90 days;
• non-urgent patients failed to receive surgery within a year; and
• category 3 emergency department presentations treated within 30 minutes.

Mr Jennings said the latest round of hospital data came on top of data revealing blowouts in ambulance ramping and response times in both metropolitan areas, as well as across the state.

“Overworked and under resourced paramedics are struggling to keep up with demand. They are encountering more logjams at hospital emergency departments, which are struggling to process patients as they arrive in a timely manner,” Mr Jennings said.

“In almost every measure, our health system is going backwards – this is what happens when you cut $826 million from the health system over two and half years.

“Far from doing what they said at the election, Denis Napthine and the Liberal Government aren’t fixing the problems, they have become the problem.”

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