Posted on 13. Mar, 2013 in News

Newly appointed Premier Denis Napthine has missed a major opportunity to right the wrongs of the Victorian Coalition Government with today’s cabinet reshuffle.

Mr Andrews said there were some clear losers from the decision, yet failing ministers in key service delivery areas such as health and education have been rewarded.

“It’s clear that the motive is to hide the besieged Peter Ryan as far away from police and police command as possible, while at the same time preventing Kim Wells from wasting the next two years by keeping our economy asleep,” Mr Andrews said.

“Today’s announcement was an attempt to quarantine the troublesome Nationals Leader from Police; a portfolio Mr Ryan steered from one disaster to the next.

“Dr Napthine’s assertion of ‘strong decisive leadership’ sees this job only half done – he should have finished the job and removed Mr Ryan and his duplicity from cabinet altogether.

“Instead, regional and state development is left to the man whose chorus as Police Minister was that he didn’t know anything.

“Mr Napthine has left the ‘Sergeant Shultz’ of Victorian politics with the job of investing in Victoria’s regions, a return to the second-class treatment that they suffered under Jeff Kennett.

“Sacking the Treasurer is a clear admission from Dr Napthine that the tens of thousands of workers who have lost their job was because Mr Wells wasn’t up to his.

“The incoming Treasurer, Michael O’Brien, will need all the help he can get, as Victoria will not get back the two and half years wasted by Kim Wells. It begs the question: is a failed Treasurer up to the job of cleaning up Peter Ryan’s monumental mess in Police, Emergency Services and Bushfire Response?”

Mr Andrews said several ministers had kept their positions despite hospitals struggling to keep up with demand, massive cuts to TAFE and a two year failure to strike a deal with teachers.

“Dr Napthine has inherited a state where over 10,000 sick people were added to the waiting list, creating a list that has never been longer,” he said.

“Dr Napthine has a TAFE system that struggling to cope with the $300 million in TAFE cuts made last year, while at the same time over half a billion dollars has been stripped from Victoria’s schools.

“In all of the major areas of service delivery the Coalition is failing, but Dr Napthine has rewarded the minister responsible – David Davis, Martin Dixon and Peter Hall – by allowing them to keep their jobs.

“Dr Napthine might be the new Premier but in Victoria the same circus is running the show

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