Posted on 26. Jun, 2013 in News

Premier Denis Napthine has continued to ignore the growing ambulance crisis happening in Dandenong and dismissed the moves by Dandenong Hospital to convert a waiting area into extra triage space without any medical support facilities

Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews said the Premier was asked by Member for Dandenong John Pandazopoulos about the desperate attempt by Monash Health to accommodate the chronic ambulance ramping problem they are experiencing.

“Mr Napthine today turned his back on families in Dandenong, failing to even acknowledge this potentially dangerous situation where a room which is clinically unsuitable for emergency care and triage has been set up as a makeshift treatment space,” Mr Andrews said.

“Instead of investing in new beds and more facilities for the hospital, as was promised before the 2010 election, the Coalition Government’s $826 million health cuts have left Monash Health with no other option but to receive patients in a room with no oxygen or other essential clinical facilities.

“What Mr Napthine steadfastly refuses to acknowledge is that this shows that there are no new beds, the ambulance system is in crisis and our hospitals are increasingly unable to cope.”

Mr Pandazopoulos said the Premier failed to acknowledge the issues happening in Dandenong.

“Mr Napthine arrogantly reeled off a list of facts and figures, but he simply fails to see that the situation is getting worse,” Mr Pandazopoulos said.

“Mr Napthine has ignored the Opposition’s questions, disputed accounts by paramedics and today he showed a complete lack of regard for the safety of the community and those that visit the area.”

“Until he admits there is a crisis in the ambulance system, Mr Napthine cannot fix it.”

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