Posted on 23. Apr, 2013 in News

The Napthine Government has had a $53 million fire sale of VicRoads land to fill the Government’s budget black holes, Shadow Minister for Roads and Road Safety Luke Donnellan said.

Mr Donnellan said the latest Napthine Government attack on VicRoads resources would see road users suffer yet again.

Freedom of Information documents obtained by the Opposition reveal the Napthine Government has sold $53,512,381 worth of VicRoads land right across the state to fill government budget black holes and put into consolidated revenue.

Mr Donnellan said the $53 million fire sale cash grab followed the Government’s sacking of 450 VicRoads staff, massive budget cuts to road maintenance, school crossing and speed zone programs and failure to properly fund a road safety strategy.

“Premier Napthine has sat at the Cabinet table for two and a half years and supported every decision to rip the heart and soul out of VicRoads,” Mr Donnellan said.

“Mr Napthine and Roads Minister Terry Mulder’s $53 million VicRoads land fire sale is likely to have a direct impact on VicRoads frontline services.

“Mr Napthine has cut $100 million from the VicRoads maintenance budget and is not putting one cent of this $53 million back into road maintenance.

“We have major road projects around the state, including the duplication of the Western Highway, which have slowed and the government is responsible.

“This land is being sold off to developers who will want significant return on their investment and this could include large scale unit development.

“Mr Napthine is quite happy to talk up fixing and building new roads for a headline but the reality is his government is doing nothing but stripping VicRoads of resources and funding to improve Victoria’s deteriorating road network.”

Mr Donnellan said disability service provider Nadrasca has operated Nadrasca Community Farm in Vermont successfully for nearly 10 years on VicRoads land and it was the next target in the Government’s VicRoads land sell-off.

“Mr Napthine talked big in his first few days about taking a leadership role on social responsibility and fixing Victorian roads, now is the time to deliver,” Mr Donnellan said.

“This latest cash grab is further evidence that the Liberal National Government may have swapped leaders but it is still the same people at the Cabinet table driving Victoria backwards.”

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