Posted on 24. May, 2013 in News

The Napthine Government has refused to support The Federal Liberal Opposition’s fibre-to-the-node version of the National Broadband Network, Shadow Minister for Technology Adem Somyurek said today.

Mr Somyurek said Technology Minister Gordon Rich-Phillips refused to answer questions about what speeds would be required to support the ‘high speed, high capacity’ broadband referred to in the Victorian Government’s ICT Strategy.

“Amazingly, Victoria’s Minister for Technology stated he wasn’t in a position to specify what upload or download speeds would be required for his strategy,” Mr Somyurek said.

“This clearly puts the Napthine Government’s ICT strategy into disarray and will send shivers down the spine of the ICT industry.

“The strategy, developed with the National Broadband Network in mind and before the release of the Abbott plan, explicitly states that ‘access to high-speed broadband will open up opportunities for quality multi-party video conferencing and remote services’.

“Mr Abbott’s and Mr Turnbull’s fibre-to-the-node plan relies on an aging copper telephone network that is rapidly deteriorating, based disputed vectoring technology and simply cannot provide a speed, capacity and reliability of a fibre connection.”

The National Broadband Network will provide 93 per cent of Australians with a minimum download speed of 100 megabytes per second through a direct fibre connection to the home, a fact explicitly stated in the Victorian Government’s ICT Strategy.

“Mr Rich-Phillips’ performance at the Public Accounts and Estimates Committee hearing speaks volumes about what he thinks about the NBN proposed by his Federal Liberal colleagues,” Mr Somyurek said.

“If the Napthine Government were to able to provide an exact answer as to what these services require Mr Rich-Phillips most certainly would have undermined the Federal Liberal plan.

“Gordon Rich-Phillips knows the Abbott/Turnbull plan is inferior and will short change Victorians and that is why he refused to answer what upload and download speeds Victorians will require as part of his government’s ICT Strategy.”

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