Posted on 18. Sep, 2013 in News

The Napthine Government has failed to meet its commitment to make a new Victorian Baccalaureate available to Victorian schools in 2014, Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Education, Colin Brooks said today.

Mr Brooks said that despite the Napthine Government stating that the new Victorian Baccalaureate would be ready for the 2014 school year, secondary schools have already set their VCE curriculum, making it too late to offer students the program for next year.

“The Napthine Government’s mishandling of this issue means that all of its talk of a new Victorian Baccalaureate for 2014 has been nothing more than hot air,” Mr Brooks said.

“The Minister for Education, Martin Dixon trots out a story every year about creating a new Victorian Baccalaureate.

“Unfortunately we’ve seen years of talk and not much action and now it’s too late for schools to utilise the program for 2014.

“Surely the Minister for Education knows that most senior secondary students have already made important decisions about their study options for next year and that it’s too late to make changes.

“This educational option for Victorian students will not be delivered in this term of office,” Mr Brooks said.

Mr Brooks said there were approximately 16 Victorian schools that offered the International Baccalaureate as an alternate pathway to the VCE and an internationally recognised qualification.

“When Victorians go to the polls next year in November, not one student will have started a Victorian Baccalaureate. The Napthine Government cannot be trusted with running an education system,” Mr Brooks said.

“Victorians have seen over $600 million cut from education, including the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL), Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA), the School Start Bonus and Drug Education Officers.

“This latest bungle by the Minister builds on the Napthine Government’s record of cuts to the education system and its failure to deliver any positive reforms.

“The Napthine Government’s failures to adequately fund Victoria’s education sector are real, impacting on the educational opportunities of student’s right across Victoria,” Mr Brooks said.

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