Posted on 28. Aug, 2013 in News

New Victoria Police statistics show that under the Napthine Government, Victoria’s crime rate has spiralled out of control for the third year in a row, Shadow Minister for Police, Jacinta Allan, said today.

Ms Allan said Victoria Police statistics reveal offences recorded jumped in most categories – showing crime has continued to rise under each and every reporting period under the Liberal State Government.

Ms Allan said the crime statistics proved the Napthine Government’s savage cuts to Victoria Police was having an impact on its ability to tackle crime.

“Denis Napthine has slashed $100 million from Victoria Police’s budget and 400 of its staff have been cut,” Ms Allan said.

“By cutting budgets and staff it means that Victoria Police officers are taken off the streets to do the work of those sacked staff.

“Family violence, assault, drug offences crime against the person and other crime have all jumped yet again under the Napthine Government.

“Total crime in Victoria has jumped 3.4 per cent and Denis Napthine needs to admit his savage budget and staff cuts are undermining Victoria Police’s ability to tackle and reduce crime.

“The Napthine Government’s election commitment to reduce crime has been a complete failure with crime rates rising in each reporting period since coming to Government – compared to Labor who had 10 years of crime reductions.”

Ms Allan said Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Ken Lay, at the Public Accounts and Estimates Committee on May 16, 2013, admitted the budget cuts were having a negative impact on policing when he said:

“There is no doubt at all that there has been a challenging time for
us in relation to our finances. There have been occasions when we
have actually reshaped our business to meet some of those challenges.”

“This frank admission by Mr Lay clearly shows the Napthine Government’s so called tough-on-crime agenda is in complete tatters with jumps in crimes against the person, assault including family violence, assaults, burglary, drug offences and motor vehicle theft,” Ms Allan said.

“Under the Napthine Government there were 406,497 offences recorded from July 2012 to July 2013, an increase of 3.4 per cent.

“Victoria Police statistics show assault including family violence has blown out yet again by 10 per cent with 46,122 offences recorded, crime against the person jumped 7.2 per cent with 58,312 offences recorded and drug offences jumped 14 per cent with 21,469 offences recorded.

“Assaults excluding family violence jumped 3.9 per cent with 26,185 offences recorded, burglary rose 0.6 per cent and other crime jumped 19.4 per cent.

“Assaults on public transport including train stations jumped 5.7 per cent with 1311 offences recorded with sexual offences jumping 26.4 per cent with nearly 300 offences recorded.

“Weapons/explosives offences jumped 30.2 per cent, arson was up 7.1 per cent and kidnap/abduction rose 14.5 per cent.”

Ms Allan said the Napthine Government’s key election promise to get tough on crime has failed.

“It is a lie of Mr Napthine and Police Minister Kim Wells to claim that these figures are a result of additional police, these figures are a result of budget and staff cuts and complete inaction by this Government to make communities safe.

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