Posted on 11. Apr, 2013 in News

Premier Denis Napthine has continued Ted Baillieu’s do-nothing approach on jobs, as Victoria lost 300 jobs a day in the last month, ensuring the state remains at the bottom of Australia’s jobs pack, Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews said today.

Mr Andrews said that the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) unemployment data, released today, indicated that Victoria’s unemployment rate had increased to 5.6%, compared to 5.4% in the previous month.

“This month alone there are 9300 more Victorians out of work due largely to the Napthine Government’s failures to generate employment through infrastructure projects and its cuts to the public service,” Mr Andrews said.

“The ABS figures show that Victoria lost more jobs than any other state or territory, at the same time the participation rate dropped to 64.8%.

“Over 40,000 jobs have been lost in Victoria since the Coalition took office in 2010.”

Mr Andrews said unless the Napthine Government produced a plan to support and grow jobs, the problem would only get worse.

“After two and a half years, Victoria is coming to a standstill with thousands of construction jobs lost and thousands more at risk as big infrastructure jobs finish under the Napthine Government,” he said.

“It is no surprise that Victoria has hit rock bottom. Mr Napthine has failed to deliver a substantive jobs and investment plan to generate jobs in the state.

“There are fears within the public service that the upcoming State Budget will also see more job cuts following Mr Napthine’s forced departmental mergers this week.

“While Mr Napthine does nothing to provide business confidence or invest in Victoria, clouds hang over many manufacturing businesses including Shell, Ford, Holden and Alcoa.

“Add to this Victoria’s young people who face an uncertain future due to the Mr Napthine’s $555 million cuts to education and the ongoing debacle that is his $300 million cuts to TAFE.

“Despite today’s ABS data clearly indicating a bleak future for jobs in Victoria, the Napthine Government still denies that the state is facing a jobs crisis.”

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