Posted on 11. Nov, 2013 in Clayton Update

Leaked documents show the Monash Children’s Hospital project has suffered cost blowouts and significant cut-backs to the facilities and services planned at the hospital, Leader of the Opposition, Daniel Andrews, said today.

Mr Andrews said the project was originally planned to include a helipad, a sleep lab, an early learning centre and mental health service, but these have been scrapped by the Napthine Government.

“Time is money and the inaction by Denis Napthine and David Davis over last three years has cost Victorians dearly,” Mr Andrews said.

“Sick children and their families will not get the services and facilities they were promised and will not get the care and treatment they deserve.”

“Monash Children’s has been gutted before it’s even built, with aspects like the sleep lab – the only one in the state – being cut from the project.

“Without a helipad, children in emergency cases will have to go to the Royal Children’s or be transferred from a playing field via ambulance to Monash Children’s.

“The cuts that the Napthine Government are considering even include cutting toys and play equipment for sick kids,” he said.

Mr Andrews said the new plans for the project failed to meet the high level of demand for children’s hospital services in Melbourne’s south east, an area that has a growing population.

“By scaling back and downgrading the capacity of this project Denis Napthine is failing to service the needs of the local area,” he said.

“The Liberals simply don’t get health, they can’t manage hospitals and they don’t support our hardworking doctors, nurses and paramedics.”

“Emergency departments are clogged, ambulance response times are not meeting the Government’s own targets and Victorians are hurting as a result.

“All of this comes at a time when Mr Napthine is spending $8 billion on a dud tunnel in the inner city.

“This simply shows that Mr Napthine and this Coalition government have their priorities all wrong.”

Member for Clayton Hong Lim expressed his outrage of these cutbacks.

” The Liberal Party once in Government always make big statements about themselves, forgetting their responsibilities are to work hard and provide services to Victorians and health. This should always be our first priority,” Mr Lim said.

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