Posted on 03. Apr, 2013 in News

The Napthine Government have continued the turmoil in Victoria’s vocational education and training system, having sacked or planning to sack up to 9 of the 14 TAFE board chairs, including Jonathon Forster, Chair of Holmesglen TAFE board, Shadow Skills and Apprenticeships Steve Herbert said today.

Mr Herbert said the sacking of the TAFE board chairs had been designed to make TAFEs more easily manipulated by the Napthine Government.

“Victoria was once regarded as having the best VET system in the country, but by the time Premier Denis Napthine is finished we will have the worst,” Mr Herbert said.

“These shock pre-Easter sackings, which includes the highly regarded board chair of Holmesglen, Mr Forster, are supposedly about strengthening the economic credentials of TAFE boards.

“However Mr Forster and the other TAFE administrators have ample economic credentials, unlike the Minister for Higher for Education and Skills, Peter Hall.”

Mr Herbert said this was a poor reflection on those board chairs who had worked tirelessly to provide the best results for students.

“This is Mr Napthine’s TAFE hit list and it has meant the end of some of the best, most dedicated education administrators in the country,” he said.

“They have a proven record of running TAFE organisations, even in the challenging financial times of the past few years.

“This removal of board chairs is an insult to the many highly talented people with strong economic credentials that are on these boards.”

“In my opinion they’re gunning for TAFEs that have spoken out. They want to silence dissent by putting their own people in.

“If this decision was truly about economic credentials required to run TAFEs, it would be the Minister who would be sacked, not Mr Forster.”

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