Posted on 20. Sep, 2013 in News

New Australian Bureau of Statistics job figures are further evidence that the Napthine Government has abandoned Victoria’s manufacturing sector, Shadow Minister for Manufacturing, Adem Somyurek said today.

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) manufacturing employment data shows for the 12 months to August 2013 Victorian manufacturing employment fell 7.8 per cent with 23,900 jobs lost, nationally 42,400 manufacturing jobs were lost.

The ABS statistics show Victorian full-time employment fell 5.5 per cent with the loss of 14,100 jobs and part-time employment fell 19.6 per cent with 9,800 jobs lost.

“These figures are very alarming and are further evidence that Denis Napthine has abandoned Victoria’s manufacturing sector,” Mr Somyurek said.

“Under Denis Napthine, Victoria lost more than half of all manufacturing jobs lost in Australia.

“Manufacturing job losses are likely to increase as the Napthine Government sits on its hands and the Liberal Abbott Federal Government threatens to cut hundreds of millions of dollars in funding from the manufacturing sector.

“The Napthine Government have sat back and allowed our manufacturing sector to take a pounding.

“Denis Napthine had to be dragged kicking and screaming to support the car manufacturing sector which employs more than 50,000 Victorians.

“Economic conditions and Napthine Government laziness have lead to mass job losses in the manufacturing sector.

“Businesses are losing confidence in the Napthine Government and are deciding to reduce their Victorian workforces or to send jobs interstate or offshore.”

Mr Somyurek said the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne were hit hardest by the manufacturing job losses with figures showing a 10.9 per cent drop in employment with 4600 jobs lost.

“Denis Napthine may want to gloat and claim the economy is strong but the reality is businesses are closing and Victorians are losing their jobs,” he said.

“You cannot grow the Victorian economy without a jobs and investment plan and after nearly three years the Napthine Government has failed to produce one.”

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