Posted on 09. Aug, 2013 in News

There were 12,300 fewer jobs in the Victorian economy last month, a symptom of nearly three years of inaction by the Napthine Government, Shadow Minister for Employment, Tim Pallas said today.

Mr Pallas said today’s Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) jobs figures for the month of June also showed that more Victorians had given up looking for work, with the participation rate falling from 65.5 to 65.0 per cent.

“Victorians have clearly lost confidence in any chance of job creation under the Napthine Government,” Mr Pallas said.

“Denis Napthine has sat on his hands while businesses have announced major job losses and iconic companies have closed operations in Victoria.

“The Premier has no strategy or plan to address the crisis in employment except spending $8 billion on a 5 kilometre tunnel that will not solve either the jobs crisis or the city’s congestion problems.”

Mr Pallas said that since the Liberals came to office over 30,000 Victorians have become unemployed and of the jobs that have been created, only 7 per cent were full time positions.

He said the underemployment rate – people who don’t have enough work – went up from 7.5 per cent to 8 per cent.

“Many Victorians want to take on more work but job creation is simply not a priority for the Premier who refuses to acknowledge there is a problem,” Mr Pallas said.

“The effects of major job cuts across the public service, funding cuts to TAFE, education and health and a failure to invest in major projects, are all showing.

“Under Labor, Victoria was the jobs creation engine room of the Australian economy.

“Victorians deserve an explanation from Mr Napthine as to why his Government has failed to grow the Victorian economy and generate jobs.”

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