Posted on 11. Jul, 2013 in News

Nearly 15,000 Victorians were forced onto the unemployment queue in June because the Napthine Government failed to produce a jobs plan after nearly three years in office, Shadow Minister for Employment, Tim Pallas, said today.

Mr Pallas said today’s Australian Bureau of Statistics for June saw unemployment in Victoria rise from 5.4 per cent to 5.8 per cent, above the national average of 5.7 per cent.

Mr Pallas said more than 36,000 Victorians had become unemployed under the Napthine Liberal Government in less than three years.

“Denis Napthine and Treasurer Michael O’Brien need to face up to the fact that Victoria is in the middle of a jobs crisis and it is happening under their management,” Mr Pallas said.

“It was only a month ago Michael O’Brien was taking credit for jobs figures but today he has gone missing and it’s ordinary Victorians that are suffering because this Government refuses to acknowledge its responsibilities but takes credit where none is due.

“The ABS figures show 14,800 more Victorians were put out of work in the last month and 36,400 since December 2010.

“The ABS figures show nearly two thirds of the 23,000 newly unemployed Australians live in Victoria. This is in contrast to NSW, which recorded a drop in its unemployment rate to 5.4 per cent.

“Because of the Napthine Government the labour force underutilisation rate is now at 13.4 per cent and there are 410,000 Victorians either unemployed or underemployed. The underemployment rate is 8 per cent, the highest since 2009.

“The ABS figures paint a bleak picture of the Victorian economy under Mr Napthine.

“The Napthine Government has failed to deliver its promised jobs targets in the past two budgets and it seems it has completely abandoned a jobs target in this budget.”

Mr Pallas said these figures follow a month of major job losses and announcements of offshoring Victorian jobs at Ford, Target, Telstra and ANZ and further Napthine Government enforced public service job cuts.

Mr Pallas said even the Napthine Government’s own project to find 50 jobs in 50 weeks for out of work apprentices had failed with only 19 apprentices gaining employment.

“What the Napthine Government has delivered on is thousands of job losses in the public sector, cut hundreds of millions of dollars from health, education and TAFE and failed to give the Victorian business community the confidence to employ,” he said.

“These actions prove the Napthine Government cannot be trusted to put Victorian families first and grow the Victorian economy.”

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