Posted on 31. Oct, 2013 in Clayton Update

The Napthine Government has lost control of the health system, with hospitals and ambulances failing on every measure, Member for Clayton Hong Lim said today.

Mr LIm said annual reports tabled in Parliament show Victorian patients are suffering at hospitals across the state as they wait longer for emergency care, elective surgery and for ambulances to arrive.

“The state’s health system is struggling to cope and is starved of resources due to $826 million in Napthine Government cuts,” Mr Lim said.

“It doesn’t matter whether you are in a regional area, a major regional city or in the suburbs of Melbourne, the ambulance service and our hospitals are worse now that they were three years ago.

“Monash Clayton is feeling the pressure too, failing key indicators on:

Percentage of ambulance transfers within 40 minutes – 58.4%, target is 90%

Percentage of emergency presentations to depart Jul – Dec 2012 – 61%, target is 70%

Percentage of emergency presentations to depart with 4 hours Jan to Jun 2013 – 65%, Target is 70%

Number of patients with length of stay in the emergency greater than 24 hours – 2, target is zero

Category 1 to 5 emergency patients seen within clinically recommended times – 72.2%, target is 80%

“These reports show the government is failing everywhere – in our clogged emergency departments, in providing elective surgery, and through the performance of our ambulance system.”

Mr Lim said the reports revealed a struggling the health system:

• More than 50,000 Victorians are waiting for elective surgery, up by 12,000 since this government was elected.
• 27 per cent of emergency department patients are waiting too long to be treated
• Category two elective surgery patients not being treated within 90 days
• Category three elective surgery patients not being treated within 365 days
• One in three patients staying more than four hours in emergency departments
• Ambulance response times have gone backwards for the third year in a row, with 27 per cent of life threating emergencies not responded to within 15 minutes
• Ambulance ramping getting worse, with nearly one quarter of ambulance transfers to hospitals taking longer than 40 minutes
• More than 1000 people were stuck on trolleys in emergency department for more than 24 hours.

“These documents prove what doctors, nurses and paramedics have been saying for a long time now – that our health system has never been as bad as it is now.

“The very first thing Mr Napthine needs to do is stop bragging about this health system and admit there is a crisis. You will never fix a problem until you can admit that there is one.

“Mr Napthine has clearly lost control of our hospitals and he has no plan to stop it getting worse.”

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