Posted on 08. Mar, 2013 in News

Public Transport fares have increased by more than 18 per cent under the Napthine Liberal National Government, yet V/Line service quality and punctuality continue to worsen, Shadow Minister for Public Transport Fiona Richardson said today.

Ms Richardson said three consecutive fare increases approved by the Napthine Liberal National Government had delivered nothing but hip pocket pain to regional commuters.

“Mr Napthine and Deputy Leader Peter Ryan are preoccupied with their own government’s crises rather than providing regional Victorians with a quality train service – one they promised,” Ms Richardson said.

“The Napthine Liberal National Government are happy to slug commuters with higher fees and fines but refuse to improve regional rail services,” Ms Richardson said.

“Transport Minister Terry Mulder’s planned fare slugs of 3.1 per cent in 2011, 8.6 per cent in 2012 and 6.8 per cent in 2013 no doubt anger commuters with continued service failures.

“Commuters will usually accept a reasonable fare rise if, in return, they are provided with better services.

“But Mr Napthine and Mr Ryan have no comprehensive plan for improving regional public transport.

“By increasing fares without outlining a plan to improve public transport, the Liberal Minister is pouring commuter’s money into pet projects like the $268,000 PSO toilet policy – toilets the general public will not be able to access, and the upgrade to Brighton level crossing.

“V/Line commuters continue to suffer daily delays, major disruptions and cancellations.

“Any additional new services are year’s away as Mr Mulder took nearly two years to order new rolling stock.

“This again puts a lie to the government’s election promise that he would fix the problems, as all he has done is made them worse.”

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